About Mary Roy

MaryRoy33(1)Many of my clients come in feeling like they have been merely surviving life and long to experience living more fully. Sometimes loss, tragedy or simply challenging life circumstances bring that longing more sharply into view. Together we can discover and build on your strengths, and adjust outgrown patterns of relating to yourself and others to fit your present goals.

Since moving to Seattle in 2004, I worked as a pediatric and adult hospice social worker before returning to private practice. Throughout all of my clinical experience over the past two decades, I  have consistently been moved by the courage of my clients, who come from richly varied life experiences. What inspires me most as I reflect on my work is our human innate capacity to turn suffering into opportunity.

Before moving to Seattle in 2004, I practiced in New Mexico, where I worked as a therapist in many different capacities: agency and hospital work, substance abuse treatment, as a mental health provider on a Native American pueblo and as a consultant for Albuquerque Public Schools. I also maintained a busy private practice.

My approach is collaborative, non-judgmental, respectful and compassionate. Mindfulness-based therapy has informed all of my work for the past eighteen years.  Developing mindfulness helps us discover what is happening in the present moment, how we are relating to it, and encouraging curiosity instead of judgement to allow for more choice. It can mean the difference between reactivity and responsiveness. I combine these techniques with other therapeutic models, including Psychodynamic, the Humanistic work of Carl Rogers, the family systems work of Virginia Satir, Clinical Hypnosis, and Focusing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.These last three methods can be effective and short-term if the problem to be addressed is well defined.

I am incredibly grateful to practice with such a conscientious, committed and talented group of practitioners at the Seattle Mindfulness Center, where we offer classes and groups as well as psychotherapy.

In my spare time I love exploring the beautiful Northwest outdoors, traveling, attending meditation retreats, writing, reading, gardening- especially growing dinner- and cooking with friends and family.