A Mindful Approach

mindfulness-blog-image-2The most important ingredient of effective therapy is a sense of safety. This is something you and I will build together, allowing greater freedom and authenticity into relationship. How we establish, maintain and deepen our trust will be the foundation upon which all of our work together will rest.

This is an exciting time to practice psychotherapy, as we are now confirming that the cultivation of mindfulness encourages neuro-plasticity, or the brain’s ability to change at any age. Self-awareness does not require any set of beliefs or prior experience, only a willingness to replace judgement with curiosity about your own direct unfolding experience. We can have all the best intentions, thoughts and understanding about ourselves, yet still hold deeply etched neuro-pathways of reactivity in our bodies; these often have roots in experiences that gave birth to beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us. When we use mindfulness in the context of therapy, we invite conscious choice and begin to forge new pathways of responsiveness.